London Loo Tours

Not the Bog-Standard London Experience

Yes, you read that right! We are London's only walking tour company themed exclusively around the history of toilets and sanitation.

The Original London Loo Tour

Prepare to be immersed (metaphorically, that is!) in a world where the humble toilet becomes a portal to explore history, anthropology, art, architecture, identity, and of course, our sense of humour.

From the earliest latrines through to the future of flushing your guide will take you on a whirlwind tour through the history of Britain’s public toilets, with plenty of interesting sights and practical tips along the way. You’ll answer all the questions you never knew you had… How did the Romans wipe their bottoms?  Was there really a man named Thomas Crapper? How long will you spend in the smallest room in a lifetime? And why do we even call it a loo?

It’s the perfect day out for anyone who likes to dive a bit deeper… lifelong Londoners and first time visitors alike! One thing is for sure: you may never think about a simple visit to the lavatory the same way again!


1st & 2nd Sundays at 2pm

2nd & 3rd Fridays at 3:30pm

Autumn 2024 TBA


The tour meets outside the station toilets at Waterloo (Opposite platform 19 

and the Windrush Memorial)


General £18

Concession £15

Private Tours

Private tours start from £150 and can be booked at your convenience!

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